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Live gold price means the gold rate in Indian Rupees (INR) per gram of (999.9) fine gold as posted from time to time, exclusive of product manufacturing/making charges and delivery charges.

The rate is based on international price of gold, the USD-INR exchange rate and applicable customs duty.

The GAP allows you to purchase gold using your Partner Platform account. The minimum transaction value across different platform varies from INR1 to INR1000.
You can buy and sell (during open sale back window) in fractions for example. INR 1000/- or 0.003 gram.

You may purchase gold 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including public and bank holidays.

You will be able to see the live price of Gold, real time on Partner Platform platforms including website, mobile application etc. in order to make your decision.

You can redeem accumulated gold in the form of gold coins/minted products from available options.

You can also sell back your gold holdings to MMTC-PAMP through Partner Platform during open sale back window at the rate displayed on the Partner Platform. This money will get credited into your Partner Platform Account.
This product does not assure any interest or return.

We continue to offer our digital gold product through several other partners and you can continue to buy and sell digital gold seamlessly in future by opening a digital gold account with any of them. Click here to know more about our digital gold partners.

Upon validation of your KYC, we can share with you your holding statement.

You shall receive the credit applicable for the weight of gold requested to be redeemed. The price applicable shall be as on same day at 5 pm as cut-off. For requests received later than that, the price applicable shall for as on next day 5 pm (please note the process is applicable for working days only)

Please be assured that the gold you have bought via you intermediary is allocated as physical gold under your direct ownership and stored within fully insured, certified vaults located at MMTC-PAMP’s highly secure premises. You can continue to hold your digital gold. It would be safely stored with MMTC-PAMP’s secure and insured vault, and you can exercise buyback or redemption transaction any time in future.

We would like to assure you that your digital gold investment is safe with MMTC-PAMP. The gold you have bought via you intermediary is allocated as physical gold under your direct ownership and stored within fully insured, certified vaults located at MMTC-PAMP’s highly secure premises. Additional security to this gold corpus is provided by Universal Trusteeship Services Ltd.(UTSL), who acts as a custodian of the gold on your behalf. These measures have ensured that your digital gold investment remains secure with MMTC-PAMP. You can call or email our customer care team with your request to fully/partially liquidate your digital gold holdings. After we validate your digital gold holding, we will process the transaction and transfer the amount to your account within 48 hours. Should you require any further assistance, we request you to call us at our toll-free number 1800-313-182182 or write to us at

Once MMTC-PAMP has accepted your offer to buy, cancellations or refunds are not allowed. You can however sell your gold back to MMTC-PAMP 72 hours after your first purchase

You can make an offer to buy Gold at the rate displayed on the Partner Platform in either rupees or grams. For example, you can buy gold worth INR1 and above or 0.1 gram and above.

You can select the quantity and denomination of the gold you wish to redeem from the available options of coins on the Partner Platform. You can request for all or part of your gold holding between 1 gram and multiples thereof.

Gold holding of customer shall be equal to or higher than the quantity you offer to redeem.

Each coin will have different making charges, based on the weight and design of the coin.

The PIN code mentioned in the delivery address should be in serviceable location of logistic partner, if it is not then the order shall be rejected and in that case you can sell back your holdings provided open sale back window is open.

You must confirm the transaction by paying the additional making and delivery charges.

Your gold product will be delivered at your notified address by a logistics provider.

The making and delivery charges shall be paid through acceptable payment modes only.

Customer needs to place the request for delivery/ redemption or sell back, if sale back window is active for liquidating the gold holding, if any.

If you do not have any gold balance in your gold account, no action is required from the customer’s end

Delivery to your address will be attempted three times. If you are not available at your mentioned address to accept the delivery, after the third time package shall be returned to MMTC-PAMP.

Customer needs to place the fresh order for the redemption by paying making and delivery charges again.

For details, contact Partner Platform customer care service center.

Gold like any other commodity, which is tradable has a buy-sell spread. The spread for Digital Gold buy and sell transactions is due to 3% GST and other handling and processing charges.

This is not a trading platform. In trading platforms, actual physical gold does not exist and the banking charges are accounted separately outside of the trade. The best comparison for buying and selling digital Gold is buying and selling gold coins. Difference between buy and sell price for gold coins is typically 8-10%. For jewelry, given making charges, the difference is even higher. Also, when you buy digital Gold you save on the Locker charges which you pay for safekeeping.

When the sale back window (open sale back window) is active, you can offer to sell your Gold accumulated on Partner Platform in either Rupees or Gram. For example, you can offer to sell either 0.1 gram or INR 1 and above.

Your Gold account holdings should be equal to or higher than the quantity you offer to sell.

In case of any technical failure, MMTC-PAMP may reject your offer to sell.

The money against the quantity offered by you to sell will be credited to your bank account as per the details shared by you.

There are no charges associated with transferring gold balance.

There are no charges associated with transferring gold balance.

You can transfer your gold balance online if the partner platform provides features. The gold balance can be transferred only to the accounts within the same platform. For example, customer having gold balance in Paytm cannot transfer the gold balance to a customer having GAP account in Google Pay.


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